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The Faculty of Law and Political Science commenced its academic journey in the year 1391 under the auspices of Bost University. Our esteemed faculty boasts a cadre of experienced, talented, and professional educators who diligently oversee the teaching and practical training of our students.

Since 1394, we've proudly graduated 412 individuals poised to serve society, specializing in the Department of Judiciary & Prosecution, as well as Administration & Diplomacy. Notably, among these graduates, 15 are trailblazing female students, emblematic of our commitment to gender inclusivity and empowerment.

In collaboration with esteemed partners such as USAID, UNDP, and the Czech justice system, we've established legal clinics aimed at providing students with invaluable practical education. From inception to graduation, students benefit from hands-on training and real-world exposure, ensuring their readiness for the complexities of legal practice.


Bost University envisions the Faculty of Law and Political Science as a beacon of excellence, aspiring to lead not only within our district but across the nation. Our vision is rooted in delivering standardized, scientifically rigorous studies that cultivate graduates endowed with exceptional potential, poised to shape the future of our legal and political landscape.


The mission of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Bost University is to equip aspiring leaders with cutting-edge facilities and resources. We aim to nurture exemplary cadres in judiciary and prosecution, alongside administration and diplomacy, by imparting both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Through this holistic approach, we endeavor to enhance their capacities, fostering individuals poised for impactful contributions. Ultimately, we aspire for our faculty to serve as a bastion of genuine service to our country and society.

Faculty Information:

Law & Political Science


4 Years (8 Semesters)


Pashto, English

Tuition Fees:

Semester: 5,000 AFN

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