About Campus


Bost University’s campus is located in the heart of Lashkargah City’s center.

Our campus with all its amenities is located in the heart of the province. The first institution in the entire country to operate on 100% renewable energy. BU’s care for the environment and human health is epitomized in photovoltaic panel that cover the roof the university’s building. Its confidence is shown in the open look of the university – there are no substantial perimeter walls to obscure the view form in and out of the university campus.

The multistory building offers excellent space for teaching and the technological equipment that go with today’s modern methods of teaching. The uninterrupted power supply has enabled the staff and student to explore the full potential of information technological in the academic environment. Long hours of access to books in the library and digital material enable students to expand their knowledge beyond what is required in the class. The easy access to information has led to interesting unanticipated discoveries that in turn lead to other interesting academic activities.

Campus Facilities

A step toward a brigher future

  • Modern Libraries
  • Computer Labs
  • Uninterupted Power Supply
  • Gymnasium
  • Canteen
  • Internet Access
  • Modern Classrooms
  • Large Parking Spaces
  • Conference Room
  • Standard Teaching Hospital
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Computer Science Laboratory
  • Engineering Laboratory
  • Law Clinic
  • Digital & Physical Library

Bost University Opening Hours

Access to academic buildings is by reservation only. The Campus will be open Saturday - Thursday and closed on Friday.

  • Saturday to Thursday - 8:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Friday is the Holiday - Closed

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