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Established and sanctioned by the Ministry of Higher Education in 1391, the Faculty of Economics at Bost University is dedicated to fostering excellence in undergraduate education.

Comprising two dynamic departments—Administration & Entrepreneurship, and Finance & Banking—the faculty currently nurtures a vibrant cohort of 379 students across both disciplines. Our students benefit from the mentorship of seasoned educators renowned for their expertise and dedication.

With pride, we've contributed 408 graduates who ardently serve their communities, embodying our commitment to societal betterment.

Since its inception, the Faculty of Economics has steadfastly upheld transparency, ensuring all academic endeavors meet rigorous standards of quality. Several faculty members have earned accolades for their outstanding contributions, both within the faculty and the broader university community.


The Faculty of Economics at Bost University is driven by a mission to equip society with adept bachelor's and master's graduates tailored to meet the evolving demands of our era. Our vision extends to pioneering groundbreaking academic research in the near future, positioning ourselves as a beacon of excellence and the standard-bearer for our nation.


The Faculty of Economics at Bast University is dedicated to furnishing society with proficient and high-caliber graduates through the provision of standardized and essential teaching and research resources. Our commitment to conducting rigorous instruction and practical studies across diverse economic domains ensures the cultivation of skilled professionals poised to make meaningful contributions to our nation. This dedication stands as our genuine service to the country.

Faculty Information:



4 Years (8 Semesters)


Pashto, English

Tuition Fees:

Semester: 6,000 AFN

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