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The Faculty of Computer Science at Bost University was formally approved and established by the Ministry of Higher Education in 1393, with operations commencing in 1395.

Our academic program spans eight semesters, comprising two foundational years followed by specialized study in software, hardware, and information technology. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive education tailored to the evolving needs of the field.

Our teaching methodology blends theory with practical application, leveraging the latest technological tools and techniques. Currently, the faculty hosts a cohort over 200 students, benefiting from the guidance of 21 instructors at both master's and bachelor's levels.


The Faculty of Computer Science at Bost University is dedicated to providing its students with the latest knowledge in computer technology, tailored to meet the demands of the century. Our goal is to serve society with excellence, aiming to emerge as a renowned institution at the national level.


The Faculty of Computer Science at Bost University, operating within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education, is committed to providing students with the theoretical understanding and practical skills necessary for success in computer science and to equip the youth with the knowledge and expertise needed to contribute effectively to society.

Faculty Information:

Computer Science


4 Years (8 Semesters)


Pashto, English

Tuition Fees:

Semester: 6,000 AFN

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