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Bost University

Bost University is a community created with unique ethos of conduct. We have brought to realization a concept of an education driven by competition through quality and academic performance. Bost University is one cog in the wheel envisioned for a society that is knowledge oriented, guided by experiences, governed by principle and rules.

Bost University is an exceptional comprehensive university providing associate, bachelor and [soon] master’s degrees to meet the needs of the province. BU offers academic programs in fields Business Administrations, LLB, Engineering, Computer Science, Medical Science, Computer Science. 

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Why Choose Bost University?

Bost University is about more than an education. Your university experience gives you the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help you make your world better. Here you will develop as an individual. It gives you the time and opportunity to develop new interests, learn new skills and meet new people.

At Bost University, you’ll have the opportunity to broaden your horizons by meeting new people from all over the country, facing new challenges and making use of the huge range of new activities, sports, reading book in the biggest library of the region. You may even be able to take part of your course overseas and learn a new language and culture.


Bost University aims at becoming a leading national center of educational excellence which meets the nation’s immediate and long term (goals) for higher education. Engaged and accessible, and nationally recognized for its leadership in: empowering a diverse community of students to develop their capabilities and transform their lives. By engaging with industry and community BU contribute to the society through the delivery, creation, distribution and use of knowledge.


To provide an academically rich learning experience that prepares all of its students to realize their goals, pursue meaningful lifework, and to be socially responsible contributors to their communities. To empowering students to be successful lifelong learners, grow their skills and capabilities for the changing world of work, and be confident, creative, ethical and respectful men and women of the future educated class, finding creative and evidence-based solutions to important contemporary challenges in Helmand and Afghanistan, relating to education and economic development.


– Learn the highest quality, which is directly related to the progress of a country.

– Strengthen national unity and prevent any kind of hatred and discrimination.

– Patriotic, humanitarian spirit and moral dignity.

– Social justice and equality in education and work.

– Gender equality.

– Transparency in work and preventing corruption.

– Respect for national and Islamic and social developments.

Strategic Objectives

To have a fast, standard and modern administrative system; According to which a professional management has performed sound and effective activities based on modern methods and equipments.

Capacity building of faculty, staff and students; To help improve quality and reduce professional problems in the workplace.

Establish and expand quality assurance and improvement programs and adequate infrastructure to provide better services; To facilitate the speed, standardization and expansion of services.

Development of international academic relations; In order to facilitate the access of faculty, staff and students to various international programs and to make better use of international academic experience.

Special and basic measures to increase the number of attractive students; To help meet long-term quantitative targets and ensure financial viability.



In Helmand province, the neighboring provinces and the young generation across the country in the light of Islamic, national and cultural values to provide standard, scientific and professional higher education and provide committed and trained cadres to the community.

In other words, training of technical and professional personnel in different departments; To be active in the physical, economic, cultural and social development of the country after graduation and to participate with full commitment:

Special Facilities in the Campus

Bost University is equipped with all the resources and facilities that a top universities should have. Facilities that include but not limited to the biggest library in the region with both physical and digital books, well equipped labs for engineering students and as well as medical students. Bost University offers its students a hands on experience with a free hospital where MD students gets hands on experience, and for Business students different educational trips to other provinces in the country.


Bost University takes the pleasure of hosting biggest events for its students to appreciate the efforts and hard work they have gone through the years at the university. Bost University graduation ceremonies are held for all our graduates so their hard work can be appreciated by community and their families.

Powerful Alumni

Bost University graduate students have secured top jobs in the country and in different industries, including government and private organization. The result of good and high quality education in Bost University gives the best opportunities to succeed in life and have a brighter future.