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School Of Law

The Bachelor of Law and Political Science

The Faculty of Law and Political Science has started its academic activities in the framework of Bost University in the year 1391.

The two-year course is generally conducted in the faculty and in the third year, ie in the fifth semester, the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office are divided into two departments, namely administration and diplomacy.

The Faculty of Law and Political Science currently has 252 students in the Departments of Justice and Prosecution and Administration and Diplomacy, 243 male and 9 female, as well as teaching and practical work of these students is carried out by 23 lecturers.

The faculty has graduated from 1394 till the half of 1398, 83 students  in the Department of Justice and Prosecution and 129 students in the Department of Administration and Diplomacy, making a total of 212 students, 5 of whom are girls.

Legal clinics for the practical training of students have been set up in the faculty with the support of UNDP and USAID and Czech Justice and in agreement with them. For the first time, 60 students, In the second term (15) and in the third term (20) students have been given practical training in these clinics, as well as three previous courses, in each course (20) students with a total of (60) students. The law office of the Independent Lawyers’ Association (ILA) in Helmand province, which was funded by the LAGF, received its credentials from the clinic, as well as a student through the Erasmus Plus program. He was sent to the University of De Santiago, Spain, where he successfully completed his studies.



Bost University’s Faculty of Law and Political Science aims to become one of the leading faculties in the region and the country in the future by providing quality, scientific research and high-capacity graduates.

Bost University provides state-of-the-art facilities in the Faculty of Law and Political Science to train leading cadres in the fields of law, judiciary and prosecution, as well as public administration and diplomacy. To be a source of honest service to the country and society.


Politcal Science



Career Opportunities

The disciplines of Law and Political Science are intrinsically linked and directly impact every aspect of our daily lives. The role and power of the constitution and judiciary, human rights and international law,  are best understood when both subjects are considered. This course provides the opportunity to learn about law and political science and better understand their relation to each other.

  • Lobbyist
  • Lawyer
  • Diplomat or foreign service officer
  • Political scientist
  • Political consultant
  • Government official
  • Policy analyst
  • Legislative assistant

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Bachelor of Law & Political Science 

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