The Message From CEO

The altruistic drive to make quality education available to the youth of Helmand province had been long in existence. It remained an idea until the time of its realization arrived on [24/04/2012]. The inauguration of Bost University became one of the many steps taken toward bringing higher education of genuine quality to the door steps of the youth of Helmand province.

BU is absolutely apolitical and takes no part in any form of politics. We know better to be dependent on any political system or regime. BU serves the community without any form of discrimination. We take measures against any activities and actions that could lead to BU not being one hundred percent free of politics. We shall remain pure and independent in all aspects of our existence.

We have created a community with unique ethos of conduct. We have brought to realization a concept of an education driven by competition through quality and academic performance. Bost University is one cog in the wheel envisioned for a society that is knowledge oriented, guided by experiences, governed by principle and rules.

The realization of a vision, no matter how big, can be achieved through a combination of smart planning and certain calculated choices. Long term strategic planning and investment requires the ability to think in equally long terms. The social and political situation of Helmand province was hardly encouraging when we made the decision to invest, we are glade we did. The decision was not rationalized strictly based on profitability estimates. The bigger part was the passion and desire to give back to the society. The fact that BU is thriving and delivering beyond expectation is simply a fortunate product of our effort. Our financial independence is an instrument for our sustainability and expansion.

Delivery quality education requires resources in the form of faculties, management and technology. Bost University has lived up to its pledge by making available high tech IT equipment to class rooms, electronic equipment for security and air. A large library and research laboratories. All of these and other amenities create an inspiring environment for learning.

Every institution in Helmand province faces myriads of issues and problems. Bost University is no exception. It is the way how we overcome or resolve difficulties that make us different. We believe that every time we overcome a challenge, we come out stronger and wiser. We see the bright side of any problem, for we will get complacent and sedentary in easy environments. There are still much to done. We have embraced this fact and have factored it in all of our long term planning. Although BU is recognized as the top one university in the sub-sector of private higher education but we still consider BU as a work in progress.

We fully appreciate the fact that our work is an uphill struggle. Our determination keeps us focused on our mission. Our vision serve is our guide beacon into the future. We know what our society needs and we have tailored our plans accordingly. We trust our strategic plans because they reflect a real social need of our people.

It is part of our grand plan to enhance the methods with which the current curriculum is taught. Continuous efforts to improve and refine our teaching techniques contribute to our adaptability to the evolving paradigm of modern education. A place for new and open thinking was deliberately established in our administration. We read international trends and project our preparations accordingly. We are shaping our education systems according our strategies. Change is expensive and hard to achieve but we are poised to deal with challenges sooner than later, because we believe in preemptive action and taking control of events that are critical to the university.

Giving back to the society is a prime example of our commitment to the same society that helps sustain the university. It is our unwritten policy to give back in a considerable degree. Bost University currently offers several free education programs such as complete English and Arabic language learning programs, Driving license programs, Health awareness, Pashto literature, Basic literacy programs, Exam preparation and many forms of tutor classes.

Bost University is fully diversified in terms of aspects contributing to its financial stability. The Bost University Hospital is a comprehensive healthcare facility that makes several of Bost University education programs complete through its vast arrays of medical and technical laboratories. Students of Bost University have access to equipment and tools for experimentation and deep learning and practice of theoretical knowledge.

Bost University has a clear vision, clear goals and clear objectives. It follows a clear strategy for its long term development. Every component and every education scheme of the university is guided by strategic thinking. A robust management system has been put in place for the personnel behind the workings of the university to function is one a seamless information integration among departments eliminates any gaps in the system as a whole.

We have come far from the point of our departure. Considering our past and current rate of progress and development, we are confident that we can soon claim the title of being the best education provider in the country. We have a strategy for our long term development and expansion both at the physical and program level capacity. We know we can achieve our vision, complete and complete our mission and continue beyond. Our strategy for the next 5 years includes the physical expansion of the university by implementing a whole list of development projects that will bring better amenities to the students, make the student environment mare attractive and conducive. The development of new facilities will encourage the academic environment to flourish. The geographic expansion will include the formation of a model-in-a-box for implementation in other provinces such as Kabul, Herat and Mazar-e- Sharif. On the programs level, we will expand our capacity to make available other graduate and post graduate programs to complete our education system.

It is our mission to make available the best education opportunities to our country men and women. We are committed to making our vision a reality with honesty and integrity and passion.

Ahmad Jan Popal
Founder & CEO of Bost University