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Bost University's institute of health science

The Bost Institute of Health Sciences was established in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, with a license number 3111 from the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan in 1392/03/02.

The Bost Institute of Health Sciences has developed its own teaching method and curriculum in accordance with the rules and regulations of private institutes of the Ministry of Public Health. Having trained students in the health sector through professional and professional instructors and presenting them to the community; To play a constructive role in reducing the existing health problems of the community.

Bost Institute of Health Sciences will conduct its first entrance examination in the fields of Nursing, Advanced Midwifery, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory and Dental Prosthetics in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Public Health and practically started its operations in 1393/09/07.

From the establishment of Bost Institute of Health Sciences till year 1399 has graduated 473 students in total from which 153 female and 320 are male students. 

Bost Institute of Health Sciences currently has 597 male and female students studying under 32 professional instructors.






– The private health institutes of Afghanistan have emerged as one of the leading, credible, standardized and educational institutions in line with the needs and demands of the present age.
– Establish extensive academic relations and collaborations with reputable and reputed health institutes of the world in the form of a reputable academic institution based on the good implementation of international academic norms.
– To have played a leading and significant role in the social, cultural, health and scientific fields of the country.
– To play a significant role in reducing maternal and child mortality in the country, especially in Helmand province.

– To provide professional and competent graduates to the society based on modern accepted standards in the field of health and according to the demands of the time.
– To provide better access to modern and health higher education for the members of the community and to create development and facilitation in the field of health education.
– Creating transparency, development and professional empowerment in the field of health education through the implementation of academic norms, focus on professionalism, and capacity building.
– Contribute to the existing health problems and needs of the community in the field of science and work by providing professional cadres and high capacity.

– Delivering quality health care through competent personnel.
– Commitment to all Afghans without discrimination.
– Continuing to acquire knowledge and professional skills.
– Creating a coordinated working spirit between health workers and colleagues.

– Training of health professionals to provide the best health services in hospitals and communities according to the needs of rural and urban people.
– Leading role Paramedical cadres in the field of education and training, in their practical work and in administration and public health.
– Training of professionals at a high level so that they can continue their higher education in educational institutions at home or abroad.
– Having a new and modern learning environment to familiarize students with the modern system of the world.
– Training students to provide the best services to the community in the presence of professional and experienced teachers.







Bost University  is committed to offering personalized, educative experiences which maximize student outcomes. The class sizes are kept at optimal levels in line with international best practices ensuring effective delivery of the subject content and the efficient usage of university resource.

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Institute of Health Science 

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