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Our History

BU has been ranked Number-1 by Ministry of Higher Education (M O H E) in Education Category. BU has been chartered by the Government of Helmand and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education(M O H E). BU has been rated as the best private sector university in Helmand as per Quality Control Commision (QCC) evaluation. BU has been rated by Quality Control Commision (QCC) as a Six Star Institution. BU has been placed in “A” category, the top category, by Ministry of Higher Education (M O H E) . BU has established a network of campuses in the federal and provincial capitals of Afghanistan. BU has maintained the most economical fee structure among all leading private educational institutions in Afghanistan. BU programs in Advertising, Animation, and Film and TV Production are supported by the most comprehensive and latest technology. Faculty of BU includes many heads of national and multinational organizations. BU collaborates with universities of international repute for student and faculty exchange programs. The curriculam designed at BU meet internationally accepted standards. BU facilitates all its graduates with job placement in leading organizations. Its students’ pre-graduation employment rate is highest amongst all Universities. An online library with over 6000 books and journals is always available for BU students and faculty. BU students can enjoy the facilities of a sports complex along with a swimming pool and a fully equipped gymnasium.