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Diploma in Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy (2 Years)

This program provides students with a broad range of knowledge, skills and resources to practise effectively as a clinical pharmacy practitioner involved in the quality use of medicines and pharmaceutical care. These skills include the capacity to individualise, review and monitor a patient medication regimen; demonstrate effective communication skills in clinical and non-clinical scenarios; critically appraise medical and pharmaceutical literature, as well as to recognise and describe social issues relating to medicine use.

In addition pharmacists will gain insight into contemporary management strategies for pharmacy and health care as well as explore research and evaluation of pharmacy services and practice. Regular updates of course content integrate emerging clinical evidence and current controversies. A major strength of the program is the emphasis on developing clinical practice and the integration of evidence based medicine.

What you can study

The program can be studied completely online in a flexible but structured format. Offering the best of both worlds, two optional face to face intensive weekends will allow in depth practical application in lieu of some online content, which is more difficult to deliver web based. The program involves some small group interactive learning and online tutorials with specialists and experts. The courses offer some online didactic lectures and a variety of other, interactive learning experiences. Practitioners and academics teach the courses with expert hospital and community pharmacists contributing significantly to the teaching, together with medical and other healthcare professionals.

Accreditation body

Pharmacists Board Of Bost University While this degree may be accredited by an official industry accreditation body in Afghanistan, completion of the degree may not result in graduates receiving automatic accreditation. Please contact the relevant registration body for details of any conditions for accreditation.