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Bachelors in Business Administration (B.B.A – 4 Years)


•	Accounting

•	Entrepreneurship

•	Management

•	Finance

•	Human Resource (HR)

•	International Business

•	Management & Leadership

•	Marketing & Advertising

•	Operation Management

•	Project Management

•	Public Relation

•	Retail Sales


The Mission of the B.B.A. program is to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to become effective and responsible managers and leaders in today’s global economy. The program prepares graduates for a wide-array of careers in business-related fields and/or graduate studies. The program promotes problem-solving, ethical values, social responsibility, and cultural diversity.


The B.B.A prepares graduates who will...

•	Possess a comprehensive background in both the theoretical and practical aspects of business education, 
        in preparation for successful entry-level careers in business.

•	Effectively communication.

•	Have developed a broad and deep understanding of the challenges to today’s global businesses.

•	Have attained greater awareness of social responsibility and ethical decision-making.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the B.B.A. program will…

First-Time Freshman

BU seeks well-rounded students who demonstrate a probability for success in the institution’s programs of study. To this end, BU will take into consideration such factors as high school completion, recommendations from school or supervisory personnel familiar with the potential of applicants, leadership and student activity records, scholastic achievement test scores, evidence of school and community service, demonstrated potential for academic success or development, student work or employment records, and distinctive talents or abilities possessed by applicants.

•	Demonstrate a well-rounded foundation in the functional disciplines of business and in the cognate areas.

•	Demonstrate a holistic view of the firm and an ability to integrate the different functional areas of business.

•	Demonstrate effective use of oral, written and technology-supported communication skills.

•	Demonstrate proficiency in the business applications of information technology.

•	Demonstrate a global outlook and an appreciation of the international dimensions of business.

•	Demonstrate awareness of ethical issues and of the importance of ethical conduct in business practice.

•	(For Major students) students will gain a broad and deep understanding of their selected functional area of Major.