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Admissions Philosophy

Selection of students is based on an individual assessment of each applicant. Final acceptance is not granted until the university has received all required admissions documents. To assist the admissions personnel in making informed decisions, an admissions interview may be required

First-Time Freshman

BU seeks well-rounded students who demonstrate a probability for success in the institution’s programs of study. To this end, BU will take into consideration such factors as high school completion, recommendations from school or supervisory personnel familiar with the potential of applicants, leadership and student activity records, scholastic achievement test scores, evidence of school and community service, demonstrated potential for academic success or development, student work or employment records, and distinctive talents or abilities possessed by applicants.

College Transfer Students

BU seeks students who can build on their previous university educational / employment experiences and move successfully to complete degree programs of study. In applicable academic programs, transfer credit may be accepted by BU from any recognized institution. Courses accepted for transfer must be relevant to the program of study, and the content and outcomes must be considered as the equivalent to the courses and outcomes of the BU degree program.
Applications from Visiting and Study Abroad Students are also welcome.

General Admission requirement

All students seeking undergraduate admission to the university must submit the following:

High School Certificate Attestation

The mission of the Admissions Department at BU is to provide excellent service to all prospective students and to ensure that the admissions process is completed in a timely and comprehensive manner. High school diplomas and transcripts obtained in the Afghanistan must be attested by the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education. High school diplomas and transcripts obtained abroad from Afghanistan must be attested by:
1. The Ministry of Education of the country of study.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country.

3. The Afghan Embassy in that country or the Embassy of the country of study in the Afghanistan and the
Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.