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Academic Requirement

A completed Application for Admission. Click to download the following forms Form 1 & Form 2.Also available at the admission office. An official Afghanistan high school/secondary school certificate or its equivalent as approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and an official high school/secondary school transcript (academic record) in the original covering the last three years and reflecting a good academic standard.
• Required averages vary by school systems. Students should consult BU Admissions Coordinator for pertinent
An official letter of recommendation from one referee (high school teacher) endorsing the student’s ability to successfully complete university work. The letter should be in the original, on letterhead, stamped and sealed. If they prefer, students may use the reference form found in the BU Admissions Kit for this purpose.

Test Requirements

Entry test (Kankoor) is a compulsory test which needs all the fresh students to take it before start their chosen program.

Personal Data Requirements

• 12 passport-size photographs.

• Color copy of the National ID (Tazkira).

• High School Certificate.

• Provide all the necessary contact numbers.


Students should be aware that all original records, letters and other documents provided to BU as part of the admissions process will remain university property. Physical records for rejected applicants and “no-shows,” which are not collected within two years of submission, are destroyed.

Transfer Students

In addition to the above requirements, students transferring in to BU should submit:
1. Official transcripts reflecting courses for which transfer credit is sought

• Transfer Students must be in good academic standing [i.e., with a minimum 3.5 CGPA on a 4.0 scale or
equivalent] at the institution from which they are transferring.

• BU may require higher than this 3.5 minimum GPA. As this depends on the university from which the student
is transferring, all transfer applicants should consult the BU Admissions Department for the requirement
pertinent to his/her institution.

• Confirmation of University Records.

• In order for BU to accept transfer credit from an institution, this institution must be licensed or officially
recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of the country where it is in operation.
• Course descriptions for all courses for which transfer credit is sought

• Students should be aware that they will be held responsible for enrolling in any course at BU
prior to receipt of required course descriptions. Separately, requests for transfer credit that
accompany late applications (i.e., those received two months or less prior to the original date
of entry) may not be processed prior to the beginning of the semester of first enrolment.