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Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility Announcement for Erasmus + Programme.

All Bost University’s students and teachers can apply for the Erasmus + Program.

Students’ Selection Requirements & Rules:

  • The applicant must be a full time Bost university student.
  • The applicant must have completed 15% of their undergraduate program at time of application.
  • The applicant must have at least 30 credits still to complete during their period of mobility.
  • The applicant must fill the application form and submit all the necessary documents and CV to Bost University selection committee till 15.12.2016.

Teachers’ Selection Requirements & Rules:

  • The teacher must be on the full-time payroll of Bost University.
  • The teacher must be able to speak, write and understand either English or Spanish,
  • The teacher should be teaching one of the following teaching in one of the following field
    • Business Studies, Management Science
    • Education, Teacher Training
    • Engineering, Technology
    • Geography, Geology
    • Languages and Philological Sciences
    • Law
    • Medical Sciences
    • Social Sciences
    • Communication and Information Sciences


Teacher Application Form   |  Student Application Form 

One thought on “Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility Announcement for Erasmus + Programme.

  1. سلامونه او نیکی هیلی
    د ارسموس د اطلاعیی په اړه می معلومات غوښتل مهربانی وکړی موژ ته معلومات راکی ځکه چه ړیرو شعباتو ته به بست پوهنتون کی مو مراجعه کړیده خو متاسفانه جواب ندی ترلاسه کړی
    زه د بست پوهنتون د طب پوهنځی د څلورم سمستر محصل یم همدارنګه د بست د روغتیایی علومو د انستیتوت استاد او د فارمسی د دیپارتمنت آمر یم او په بست پوهنتون کی می فیصدی ۹۲ دی
    آیا کولای سم په دی پروسه کی ګړون وکړم؟
    باید کومی شعبی ته مراجعه وکرم؟

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