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Fees & Financial Aid Information

Fees & Financial Aid Information

The mission of the Admissions Department at BU is to provide excellent service to all prospective students and to ensure that the admissions process is completed in a timely and comprehensive manner..


Pursuant to the Mission of Bost University, the Admissions Department consists of a professional team that assists prospective students gain accessibility to opportunities in higher education. The Admissions team is held to a high level of integrity and is charged with providing quality service and accurate information to all students. BU admits to its degree programs students who possess appropriate credentials and the demonstrated capacity and potential to successfully complete the educational programs provided by the university and meaningfully participate in the total educational experience offered by BU.

• To provide access to higher education.

• To recruit students consistent with BU goals.

• To provide accurate information on educational opportunities to prospective students.

• To provide quality services to prospective and new students.

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