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Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit is accepted by BU solely at its discretion. In the case of courses taken five (5) or more years prior to enrollment, the “age” of such courses may be reason for refusal of transfer credit, contingent upon the assessment of the Dean/Chair of the academic unit for which transfer credit is sought. Regulations governing the awarding of transfer credit are contained under the Academic Policies. Transfer students should read these pages carefully. As previously noted, selection of students for admission into degree programs of study is based on an individual evaluation of each applicant’s capability or potential for successful completion of the program. To assist the institution in academically advising students, assessment of academic proficiency is required for all undergraduate first time applicants and transfer students who have not satisfied the institution’s Mathematics requirements. BU will use the results of this assessment to determine appropriate academic placement and the need for developmental course work.

Readmission following interruption of degree progress

Students who seek re-entrance regardless of his/her academic status at the time of leaving BU, if the period of interruption of degree progress is for one calendar year or more, the student must reapply to the university through the Admissions Office. Should the student have taken courses at another institution during his/her absence from BU, a minimum CGPA of 3.5, CGPA supported by an official transcript, is required for re-admission. The granting of transfer credit is at BU’s discretion. BU may require higher than a 3.5, CGPA minimum GPA. As this depends on the university from which the student is returning to BU, all returning students should consult BU Admissions Coordinator for the requirement pertinent to the institution attended during the interruption of degree progress.


Applicants for a Second Degree

Applicants for a second undergraduate degree must provide a written petition explaining the rationale behind their application. An applicant may not apply for a second degree in the same field of study. The petition will be evaluated by the head of the academic unit (Program Chair or Dean) offering the second degree to determine the level of similarity between the first and second degrees, and approval of the petition may or may not be granted accordingly. Once enrolled, an applicant for a second degree may not change his/her program without the approval of the Chief Academic Officer. Credits from the first undergraduate degree are transferable following the same policies and procedures as for regular transfer students.

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